Make Sure Your Boudoir Photo Session Turns Out Amazing With These Tips


If you are planning on giving your husband a present of a set of Boudoir photos for his birthday, or your anniversary, then you should do a bit of prep before the shoot. Even if you have selected a great photographer, you need to bring something to the table. So, here are some things you will need to do to help the photographer produce amazing photos.

Select Sexy Lingerie

You should pick out some really sexy lingerie. The photographer might have some silk wraps for poses with implied nudity (holding a silk wrap in front of your body while posing), but they are not likely to have a whole wardrobe of lingerie for women of different sizes. Also, you know what looks good, what you are comfortable with, and what you think your husband will enjoy. So, pick out your clothing in advance and try it on at home in front of the mirror to see that it fits correctly. Take this opportunity to buy yourself something special that you might not normally get.

Use Mirrors

Just because you are the model doesn't mean you don't get to suggest poses and camera set-ups. In fact, photographers will love it if you are interactive, engaging, and not simply standing around hoping they find the perfect shot. One very cool way to add visual dynamism to a shot is to use mirrors.

For instance, if you have a selected a sexy pair of cheeky or thong panties, then you could do a topless shot, facing away from the camera, and looking into the mirror. This way, your eyes are visible, but the photo will showcase the back of your body.

Get Sexy Stilettos

Most men love high heels. If you're not the type who typically wears them, then take this as an opportunity to do so. Plus, because you won't be walking around the city in them, you can get impossibly high heels that would normally be tricky to walk in. Think 5 or 6 inch heels. You don't even have to practice walking in them, as you will only be wearing them for static poses. Plus, your husband probably doesn't care if you are wearing Louboutin or Manolo's, so you won't have to spend a ton of money.

Sepia, Black and White, and Color

Ask the photographer to show you different variations on the photos. With computer software such as Lightroom and Photoshop, photos can easily be manipulated from color, to black and white, to monochromatic colors like sepia. For instance, if your husband is really into fine art photography, he might love a black and white photo. But, if he's more of a Maxim and FHM type guy, then he would probably prefer the color shots.

Practice Your Poses

Models understand that they need to practice their poses. You don't just show up and get in front of the camera. You need to practice. Look at boudoir photos and get ideas. You can get on Instagram and look at glamour and boudoir models who have big followings and check out their poses and the shots they post. Then spend time practicing in front of a mirror.

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5 January 2017

Good Photos Preserve Great Memories

When I was a child, it seemed like my parents never stopped taking photos of me and my brothers. I actually began to hide every time they got the camera out. When I moved out on my own, I vowed to never own a camera. I ended up purchasing a cell phone that had one, and after playing around with it a little, I learned how much fun it was to take photos! I loved it so much I went to school to learn how to be a professional photographer, and I enjoy every minute of my job. Just the other day, I took a look at all of my family's old photos and, I have to admit, I am so glad my parents took them! I have a little spare time to fill, so I decided to start a blog to share my photography tips! Come back often!