4 Fun Variations On A Classic Engagement Phot


One of the fun parts of getting engaged is taking the engagement photos. You have lots of freedom when it comes to poses, setting, and design concept. Also, you can be super creative with the outfits you choose. An engagement photo will allow you to be a lot more liberal with the outfits than your wedding photo. You can even wear costumes, something you probably won't be wearing for your wedding photos. Here are a few different ideas. Three of the ideas involve studio photo-shoots, while the fourth involves a beautiful outdoor shoot.

Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Without Leaving Your Home Town

If you think that nothing is more romantic than Paris, then you might like to set up a pose in front of the Eiffel tower. Of course, it might not be convenient to travel all the way to France. However, this doesn't mean that you have to scratch Paris off of your photo dream list. All you have to do is find a photographer who has an Eiffel tower backdrop, or, a photographer who is adept at using Photoshop. In either case, you and your fiance can have your photo taken in the comfort of the photographer's studio and, either by practical backdrop or digital manipulation, the two of you can be transported to the Champs Elysees or the Eiffel tower.

Bonnie And Clyde

If you like old action movies, and the idea of a photo expressing your "ride or die" love for one another, then this is a really cool photo. You can head to an old-time photography studio, where the photographer will have the props (old-time clothing, pistols or Tommy guns, and maybe even a classic-era car door to stand behind). To make the photo more authentic, you could have the photos developed in a sepia tone.

Old West Gunslinger and His Lady

If you prefer to go back even farther than Bonnie and Clyde, then you might like an old-west gunslinger and his lady. An old-time photo studio will often have outfits and props such as old fashioned Colt revolvers, cowboy hats, old-west style bustle dresses, a dainty lace parasol, as well as a bar setting with swinging doors to stand in front of.

If you prefer to be a non-outlaw couple, you could always ditch the gunslinger regalia and just be a cowpoke and salon girl.

Beach At Sunset

If you're looking to incorporate the ocean, then an excellent time to shoot it would be right before sunset. This is known as golden hour in photography circles. It's because the sun casts a super beautiful golden glow over the atmosphere and is a photographer's favorite for natural light. So, you and your fiance can put on khakis and a summer dress and get in the water up to your ankles, letting the waves roll in towards you in the background, and the soft golden sun highlight the scene.


6 January 2017

Good Photos Preserve Great Memories

When I was a child, it seemed like my parents never stopped taking photos of me and my brothers. I actually began to hide every time they got the camera out. When I moved out on my own, I vowed to never own a camera. I ended up purchasing a cell phone that had one, and after playing around with it a little, I learned how much fun it was to take photos! I loved it so much I went to school to learn how to be a professional photographer, and I enjoy every minute of my job. Just the other day, I took a look at all of my family's old photos and, I have to admit, I am so glad my parents took them! I have a little spare time to fill, so I decided to start a blog to share my photography tips! Come back often!