Avoiding The Amateur Look: 3 Must Have Pieces Of Film Equipment For Your Student Thesis Project


If you are a film student, and you are planing your senior thesis project, then it is important to make sure you have the proper equipment lined up. You don't want to have a great screenplay, cool actors, and bad equipment. The goal is to have a film look as professional as possible so that you can use it to try and land an agent. So, that means using professional equipment. In many cases you can rent the stuff for the shooting days, so don't worry if you don't have the budget to buy a expensive camera or other items. Here is what you will need and should line up for the shoot.

Professional Film Camera

You do not want to shoot on a cheap DSLR. While there are lots of zero budget films shot on entry level cameras, you want to stand out and look professional. That doesn't mean you need to rent a 35mm camera (though this might be an option, David Gordon Green used one to wide acclaim on his debut low budget film). You can work with a high end digital camera. There are many big budget Hollywood films shot on digital nowadays. Take a director like Michael Mann, who is both a hit critically and commercially. He shoots almost exclusively on high end digital cameras, such as in his Tom Cruise movie Collateral. Whichever way you go, make sure you're using a professional cinema camera, and not an entry level DSLR that has a "movie" mode.

Lavaliers and Boom Mics

You need to have dedicated microphones. Don't even think of using the built in microphones on a camera. The sound will be subpar. You should use a combo of lavaliers and boom mics. The lavaliers are small lapel microphones that are attached to the actors and wirelessly transmit to the sound recorder. These are perfect for scenes where you can't use a boom mic (a crowded restaurant scene where you are filming a wide shot). The boom microphones are important for intimate shots and allow you to capture great sound.

Gimbal Rig

These are important to maintain a steady image. The gimbal keeps the camera from moving and capturing a shaky image when your DP is moving around. These rigs utilize a gyroscope system that allows your cameraman to move around freely without worrying that the camera needs to be held perfectly still. These rigs can also be mounted inside of cars if you want to have a scene inside a vehicle.

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26 January 2017

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