Tips to Help You Successfully Take Headshots of Someone Who Is Overweight


When you're an avid photographer who is occasionally asked to shoot images for friends, you might find yourself taking headshots for people to use on their websites, business cards, or in marketing material. It's worthwhile to read about the dos and don't of headshot photography so that your shots stand out, rather than look as though they were taken by an amateur. One challenge that you can face is shooting headshots of someone who is overweight. This person may not initially be content with his or her images if they seem unflattering, but there are a number of tips that you can employ to make the person appear slimmer. Here are some suggestions.

Avoid High-Necked Attire

Gently suggest to the person that he or she should avoid wearing high-necked attire for your photo shoot. The concern with this type of clothing, whether it's a shirt and tie on a man or a high-collared blouse on a woman, is that the height and tightness of the garment can push extra skin and fat from around the neck upward. This, in turn, can have skin spilling over the top of the shirt, which is a look the person won't likely favor. Have him or her select a shirt that is a little lower and looser.

Turn His/Her Head Slightly

When someone who is overweight looks straight ahead, the skin and fat beneath his or her chin can hang down in an unflattering way — and it might be enough to make the person unsatisfied with your photos. A simple fix is to get the person set up, and then have him or her turn his or her head just slightly. The change in angle pulls some of the extra skin tight, which will yield much more of a flattering look for the headshot.

Adjust The Angle

Having your subject turn his or her head is useful, but you may also wish to adjust your photography angle. Generally, shooting from a slightly downward trajectory can be effective for making someone appear simmer. Conversely, if you mistakenly shoot from below the level of the person's head, the shot will focus on the skin around the neck, which may not be flattering. Even moving up a few inches above the person's head can give you favorable results without making it look as though you're way above the person. Try to implement these techniques and see what you come up with so that you have a variety of options to show your friend.

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8 February 2017

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When I was a child, it seemed like my parents never stopped taking photos of me and my brothers. I actually began to hide every time they got the camera out. When I moved out on my own, I vowed to never own a camera. I ended up purchasing a cell phone that had one, and after playing around with it a little, I learned how much fun it was to take photos! I loved it so much I went to school to learn how to be a professional photographer, and I enjoy every minute of my job. Just the other day, I took a look at all of my family's old photos and, I have to admit, I am so glad my parents took them! I have a little spare time to fill, so I decided to start a blog to share my photography tips! Come back often!