Ways To Capture Photos Of The Married Couple's Rings


When you're a wedding photographer, you're not just responsible for taking photos of the couple on their big day. You'll also want to get a series of photos that tell the story of the wedding, including some detailed shots of the married couple's rings. Using a macro lens, you can take some impressive shots that truly show the details of these important pieces of jewelry. There are several different ways that you can approach photographing the rings, including when they're on the couple's fingers and when they're off. Here are some ideal ways to go about photographing the rings.

Hands On The Body

One nice way to photograph the wedding rings is to take detailed shots of the bride and groom's hands on each other's bodies. For example, you could have the bride place her hand flat on the groom's chest, right over the heart, and shoot photos of this setup. Or, you could have the bride place her hand on the cheek of her groom and hold that pose for you to photograph. For the groom's hand, consider having him place his hand on the bride's lower back; when you shoot this photo, you'll get the intricacies of the wedding dress in the background.

Incorporating The Flowers

Although the bride and groom might playfully be reluctant to take off their wedding rings, removing them will allow you to take a series of photos with the wedding flowers. For example, you can place a few stalks of the bride's bouquet through the opening of her ring — or perhaps the two rings together — and take some shots from different angles. You can take a similar approach with the groom's boutonniere. Have him remove his suit jacket and lay it carefully on a flat surface. Then, set up the rings next to the blooms and, with the black suit jacket providing a nice backdrop, shoot the rings.

Using The Scenery

Depending on where the wedding is taking place, you can often involve the scenery to capture some memorable photos with the rings. If you're shooting a beach wedding, for example, the sand makes for the perfect backdrop. Find a clear area in the sand and have the bride and groom each make firm handprints in the sand. Then, carefully have each of them remove their wedding rings and push the rings into the ring finger indentation in the sand. You can then step back and shoot this scene for a memorable shot that not only documents the wedding, but also its picturesque location.

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17 October 2017

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