Aerial Shots That A Drone Can Capture That Would Otherwise Be Difficult


A big advantage to hiring an aerial filming service for any sort of major project is that this service will give you shots that you couldn't otherwise get. Even if you're thinking about renting some camera gear and attempting your own still images or video clips, you need to remember that an aerial filming service can not only do a better job but can also send a drone into places that you would either be impossible for you to accomplish or extremely costly and time-consuming. Regardless of your specific need for the aerial filming service, here are some unique shots that a drone can provide for you:

Shots Over The Water

Whether you're a boat manufacturer, a beachside resort, or even a dock company, you can likely benefit from shots of your product/location taken from over a body of water. The do-it-yourself approach, however, isn't apt to work. While you could shoot photos or videos from a boat in the water, they'll lack the impact of footage captured from a drone flying or hovering well above the water. This is where your local aerial filming service can be of value. By positioning the drone at the correct angle, the pilot/photographer will capture unique angles that you can use for marketing and more.

Shots Through The Trees

Video footage captured by moving through closely spaced trees can be highly effective for a variety of applications. Independent filmmakers, for example, often favor this type of footage for dramatic effect. If you're a real estate agent selling luxury properties, you might want to include this type of shot to introduce a video of the property and residence. In either scenario, this isn't footage that you can gather on your own without considerable effort and expense. A drone controlled by a capable operator, meanwhile, can easily soar through the trees to give you the footage you want.

Shots Above Traffic

Several businesses may wish to use still images, or video clips shot above traffic for their marketing material. For example, a limousine service may wish to have some clips of the vehicles in its fleet sleekly moving through the town, while a motorcycle dealership may want some footage of its bikes zooming down the open road. These, too, are shots that are difficult to take using conventional means, but that can be highly impressive when you hire an aerial filming service to capture them for you.

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14 November 2017

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