Family Pictures? Tips For A Successful Photo Shoot


Taking family photos always sounds like a great idea, but once you get where you're going with the kids and any other family members in tow, it can get hectic and even overwhelming at times. Most kids don't want to sit and wait their turn for their pictures and aren't always cooperative when it comes to smiling and posing. To help make the day a success and prevent tantrums (even adult ones), read on for tips.

Bring Extra Clothing

It's bound to happen that your tiny princess may end up spilling her juice, water, milk or cheese doodles on her gorgeous dress. Your infant may spit up on his layette, or someone may have an accident during your shoot or while you're waiting for your turn. If you don't have spare clothing, some major editing may need to be done in order to get your pictures just right. Bringing extra clothing can help prevent a disaster and prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed or stressed out.

Bring Snacks

This may sound contradictory, as you don't want anything spilling or marring your children's clothing, but bringing snacks can prevent tantrums and prevent anyone else in your family from getting too hungry. Bring snacks that are mess free and can be eaten quickly. Small crackers (the non cheesy variety), string cheese, or even fruit snacks are all perfect and can fit into a small bag. Bring something everyone can enjoy and to help tide you or your little ones over until the end of the photo shoot.

Bring Hair Care Products

Bring a brush, some extra bobby pins, and some spray to hold everything into place just in case your little ones begin to mess with their hair or their hair-do falls out of place. It's good to have these things on hand for last-minute touch-ups for you or your spouse as well.

Be Flexible

Remember that a family photo shoot isn't going to be absolutely perfect. It is going to have it's ups and downs. If a posed shot isn't working out, try something else such as allowing your children to run around and having the photographer catching them in their own element. Sometimes photos that aren't perfectly posed can still be wonderful. Be flexible on your photos and work with the photographer.

Family photos can be stressful on everyone and when things aren't working out as you planned, it can really get stressful. Work with your photographer to get your family photos, even if they aren't exactly the pose you were hoping for. Contact a service, like Moorman Photographics, to get started.


21 November 2018

Good Photos Preserve Great Memories

When I was a child, it seemed like my parents never stopped taking photos of me and my brothers. I actually began to hide every time they got the camera out. When I moved out on my own, I vowed to never own a camera. I ended up purchasing a cell phone that had one, and after playing around with it a little, I learned how much fun it was to take photos! I loved it so much I went to school to learn how to be a professional photographer, and I enjoy every minute of my job. Just the other day, I took a look at all of my family's old photos and, I have to admit, I am so glad my parents took them! I have a little spare time to fill, so I decided to start a blog to share my photography tips! Come back often!