Ways To Approach A Children's Photo Shoot With A Safari-Themed Backdrop


When you visit a photo studio to set up a photo shoot with your child, it can be fun to give him or her the ability to browse the available backdrops and choose one to use. In the days between this visit and returning to the studio for the actual photo shoot, you may have some work to do when it comes to preparing your child for the shoot. If your child has indicated that a safari-style backdrop is his or her favorite, there are a number of different ways that you can approach the photo shoot. Here are some different options.

Safari Outfit

One option is to find a safari outfit for your child, perhaps at a local Halloween store, and have him or her dress in this apparel for the photo shoot. This could include a khaki shirt, khaki pants, a safari hat, and boots. These items may be perfect, especially if there are cartoon-style children on the backdrop who are also clad in this type of safari apparel. Your child will have fun posing with this special outfit on, and you'll get a kick out of seeing him or her being enthusiastic about this photo shoot.

Stuffed Animals

A key element of going on a safari is seeing the animals. While bringing actual animals into the studio for the photo shoot obviously won't work, you can plan a fun variation on this idea by getting stuffed animals. If your child has any African animal stuffed animals in his or her collection — a zebra, a giraffe, a tiger, or something else that is appropriate — gather as many of the toys up for the photo shoot. You may need to buy a couple or perhaps borrow some from other parents in your social circle. The photographer will have fun setting the animals up around your child in front of the safari backdrop.

Children's Vehicle

Many children have small electric vehicles that they use to drive around the backyard, driveway, and local park. You can often find these vehicles made up to look like jeeps, which can be perfect for the safari-themed backdrop. You probably don't own such a vehicle, but perhaps someone in your community does. Borrowing the vehicle for the photo shoot and/or giving the person a bit of money for the privilege will cause your child's eyes to light up when he or she sees what is going on. Having your son or daughter sit in the vehicle in front of the safari backdrop will make for a memorable photo.

For more information on kid's photo backdrops, contact a photographer near you.


10 April 2019

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