Some Do's and Don'ts for Your Wedding Day Photo Booth


Are you considering renting a photo booth for your wedding? This fun, modern wedding element can liven up the party for everyone and result in great photographic memories that last a lifetime. But to ensure the best experience for all, keep these few do's and don'ts in mind.

Do Decide the Right Time

Putting your booth up during the reception makes sense for a lot of weddings, as it provides something for guests to do during the longest part of the festivities and when a lot of waiting may occur. However, many couples find that a photo booth during cocktail hour helps time pass faster. You might even use it as a ceremony pre-show activity. Base your plan on your timeline and guest makeup. 

Don't Forget to Advertise It

Make sure everyone knows about the photo booth and a few basic steps for using it. This is especially important if the booth's location may not be obvious or easy to find. Let guests know about the booth as they enter or have an announcement made for the best results. Then, add a sign with a few bullet point instructions and directions for sharing their photos. 

Do Provide Props

Props make photo booths fun. So whatever your plans, do select the right ones for your goals. Keep these cohesive with the wedding theme and style. For example, an elegant, formal wedding might use sparkly and glittery props whereas a casual, rustic wedding might work best with handmade signs and cowboy hats. 

Don't Place It in the Wrong Location

The best location for your photo booth has a few key ingredients. First, it shouldn't be cramped. Even with a self-contained wedding, people still need to come and go comfortably. If there may be a line, they'll need even more room. Second, don't place the booth close to the sound system, music, or DJ. Even putting it close to the catering area could make things difficult for both workers and guests. 

Do Arrange for Photo Sharing

Finally, take some planning steps to help get copies of some of the great pictures people will take on your wedding day. Ask the photo booth company about built-in methods for sharing photos, such as uploading photos, videos, or gifs directly from the machine. Alternatively, you could publicize a wedding hashtag or wedding portal that people can use to share their pictures. 

Where to Start

The best place to begin designing your wedding photo booth plan is to meet with a photography service that specializes in photo booths in your area. With their guidance and experience, you'll find the best way to apply these do's and don'ts so that everyone has a great time and walks away with great mementos. 

For more information, reach out to a company such as Philly Photo & Philm.


22 March 2022

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