Using Virtual Tours To Promote Your Property Or Destination


Virtual tours are an excellent way to promote a business, location, or property and allow people to feel like they are getting some insight into what they can expect when going there in person. If the tour is done well, you can travel through the location as though you are there, but finding a tour company to create your tour is the first step. Often, searching for providers with keywords like virtual tours in Memphis, TN will bring up listings near you to give you some options to consider.

Considering Tour Providers

When looking for a virtual tour provider in your area, there are some things you should look at before you hire anyone. The number of companies that show up in a search for virtual tours may be overwhelming, so the first thing you should do is narrow the list down. 

If you want someone that will provide a video tour, add that to your search. If all you want is still images put into the virtual tour, then searching for commercial photography in Memphis, TN may find photographers that don't do video work and specialize in high-quality images for the virtual tours they provide.

The detail in the virtual tour is often greater with video presentations. However, there are some commercial photographers that can make a property or location come to life in a single still image, so don't rule them out right away. 

Review Portfolios

As you begin to sort through the businesses that came up in your search, you should look carefully at the portfolios for each studio or provider. The portfolio is often the best work that the photographer or videographer offers, and it is a great way to get an idea of what you can expect from the tour. 

Once you find a few tour providers that you like, it is good to set up an appointment and ask about recent work and projects they may want to share. Discuss the property or location you need a tour created for, and don't be afraid to share any wild ideas you have for the virtual tour with them. Letting the photographer or videographer know what you envision for the project is an excellent way to see what they feel would work to bring the idea to life.

If the tour service is on board with the idea of creating something more visually impacting than the standard virtual tours on the market, you could end up with an amazing look at your property or location. The results can be immersive and draw viewers into the scene, enticing them to contact you about visiting. The quality of the virtual tour you get can really vary, so take some time to research the options and look for a progressive company eager to create art within the utility of the virtual tour platform. 

Contact a company like Axiom360HD Digital Media to learn more. 


27 April 2022

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