Three Ways To Use Your Hands During A Boudoir Shoot


When you pose for a boudoir photo shoot, it's important to be mindful of how you position each part of your body. While you'll want to hold your head and torso in a manner that gives you a confident and sexy vibe, don't forget to think about how you use your hands. This isn't a photo shoot in which you need to hang your hands at your sides. Instead, there are all sorts of different ways to position them to add to the overall look of your photos. Here are three ways to use your hands during your boudoir photo shoot.


There are lots of different ways that you can incorporate one or both hands into the lingerie that you're wearing during your photo shoot in a seductive way. For example, if you're wearing panties, you may consider tucking one of your thumbs under the waistband of the undergarment and pulling it down just slightly. You may wish to use a similar idea with your bra, perhaps hooking one or two fingers under the bra strap and tugging at it a little. These simple hand positions can dramatically boost the sexiness of your images.


It can also be enjoyable to position your hands in a manner that suggests you're caressing your body. Depending on how you're posing, there are lots of different ways to use your hands in this way. For example, for a shot that focuses on your body's upper half, you might wish to hold a hand so that your fingertips are gently caressing your cheek. For other poses, positioning your hands to caress your upper legs or torso can create the sensual look that you want to achieve.


It's also possible to use your hands to subtly conceal a part of your body that you don't want visible in your photos. It's important to share this sentiment with your photographer so that you can work together to achieve this goal. For example, if you have a scar or another mark that you aren't fond of, a well-positioned hand can work well. You don't need to place the hand directly on your body. Instead, having it slightly in the foreground so that it prevents the camera from seeing the mark in question can work well. Reach out to a boudoir photographer in your area to learn more about this type of photography and schedule a photo shoot.


18 July 2022

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