3 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Fashion Photographer To Help With Your Modeling Career


This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to hire a fashion photographer to help you be successful with your modeling career.  Build Your Portfolio If you are trying to start a career in the fashion industry as a model, one the best ways to do this is going to be to build your portfolio. A portfolio is going to contain a variety of fashion shots of you, and it is what different agencies are going to look at when they first meet you.

9 January 2017

4 Fun Variations On A Classic Engagement Phot


One of the fun parts of getting engaged is taking the engagement photos. You have lots of freedom when it comes to poses, setting, and design concept. Also, you can be super creative with the outfits you choose. An engagement photo will allow you to be a lot more liberal with the outfits than your wedding photo. You can even wear costumes, something you probably won't be wearing for your wedding photos.

6 January 2017

Make Sure Your Boudoir Photo Session Turns Out Amazing With These Tips


If you are planning on giving your husband a present of a set of Boudoir photos for his birthday, or your anniversary, then you should do a bit of prep before the shoot. Even if you have selected a great photographer, you need to bring something to the table. So, here are some things you will need to do to help the photographer produce amazing photos. Select Sexy Lingerie

5 January 2017

How To Create A Gallery Wall With Canvas Prints


Creating a gallery wall with your family portraits is fairly simple to do. Canvas prints of your favorite family pictures are a great way to start your gallery wall. You can have one large photo, or several photos, it's up to you. See below for tips on how to create your gallery wall. Bigger Is Better Bigger is better with your canvas prints. This is because a canvas doesn't have a frame around it to make it look larger.

18 December 2014