Three Reasons Why A Wedding Photo Booth Is A Good Idea


Planning a wedding involves putting a lot of thought into what you'll buy, rent, and bring from home when you set up the reception venue. One worthwhile addition that you can rent is a photo booth. This fixture at many weddings will be dropped off when you need it and picked up again after your event, thus requiring little effort from you. Its presence will allow your guests to have their photos taken, often with funny props, and you'll enjoy browsing these photos, too.

27 February 2018

Two Great Ways To Spice Up Your Corporate Headshots


It's very common for corporations to feature headshots of the company's leaders on their website. Headshots give the public a point of reference so they will know who is running the business, just in case they need to get in touch with someone to voice a complaint or pay a compliment. Traditional headshots normally show people from about shoulder-height upward, normally with a white or neutral shade in the back. Although this has become the standard, you might be looking for a way to make your headshots stand out.

9 January 2018

Aerial Shots That A Drone Can Capture That Would Otherwise Be Difficult


A big advantage to hiring an aerial filming service for any sort of major project is that this service will give you shots that you couldn't otherwise get. Even if you're thinking about renting some camera gear and attempting your own still images or video clips, you need to remember that an aerial filming service can not only do a better job but can also send a drone into places that you would either be impossible for you to accomplish or extremely costly and time-consuming.

14 November 2017

Ways To Capture Photos Of The Married Couple's Rings


When you're a wedding photographer, you're not just responsible for taking photos of the couple on their big day. You'll also want to get a series of photos that tell the story of the wedding, including some detailed shots of the married couple's rings. Using a macro lens, you can take some impressive shots that truly show the details of these important pieces of jewelry. There are several different ways that you can approach photographing the rings, including when they're on the couple's fingers and when they're off.

17 October 2017

Eight Thing Parent Shouldn't Do Before School Picture Day


Naturally, you want your child's school photo to be the best that it can be. However, well-meaning parents may actually be causing the issues with their children's pictures. Follow this list of don'ts to get the best photo from school picture day: Don't get your child's hair cut the night before. A new haircut takes some time to look natural; the night before school photos is not enough time for it to do so.

22 February 2017

Tips for Scheduling a Pregnancy Photo Shoot


Your pregnancy can be one of the most important and memorable experiences in your life. Not surprisingly, many people will want to make sure that they have photographs to help remember this experience. However, it can be difficult for you to know how to get the most out of your pregnancy photographs if you have never been through this process before.   Have Photos Taken For A Variety Of Audiences

16 February 2017

Tips to Help You Successfully Take Headshots of Someone Who Is Overweight


When you're an avid photographer who is occasionally asked to shoot images for friends, you might find yourself taking headshots for people to use on their websites, business cards, or in marketing material. It's worthwhile to read about the dos and don't of headshot photography so that your shots stand out, rather than look as though they were taken by an amateur. One challenge that you can face is shooting headshots of someone who is overweight.

8 February 2017